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Plunger Valve - Smaragd

Plunger valve in particular

for the highest control requirements

DN100 - DN2000 /PN2,5 - PN250


Nozzle Check Valve - Onyx

Non Slam Nozzle Check Valve especially for highest

safety requirements

DN100 - DN2400 / PN2.5 - PN250

Double eccentric butterfly valve -


Double eccentric butterfly valve for the use

in power plants, in the chemical and general industry

​DN100 – DN4000/ PN2.5 – PN63

Triple eccentric full-bore valve -


Triple eccentric butterfly valve with full passage

especially for challenging operating conditions

​DN100 – DN2400 / PN2.5 – PN250


Triple/quadruple eccentric
control butterfly valve- Rubin

Triple/quadruple eccentric valve particular

for use in power plants and district heating networks

DN100 - DN2400 / PN2.5 - PN250


Triple eccentric
shut-off butterfly valve - Opal

Triple eccentric butterfly valve in particular

for the use in power plants and district heating networks

DN100 - DN2400 / PN2.5 - PN250

Our products

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4-way valve - Achat

A 4-way valve for process technology used

to influence the direction of flow of fluid

DN 200-750 / NPS 8"-30" / PN2,5-25 / CLASS 150


Check valve - Sapphire

Check valve for use in power plants,

in the chemical and general industry

DN100 - DN2400 / PN2.5 - PN100


Globe valve - Topaz

Globe control & shut-off valves for the

power plant and industrial technology

​DN15 – DN350 / PN6 – PN500

Our quality management guarantees that Valco Engineering GmbH and all suppliers are certified to

EN ISO 9001 .

Our products are state of the art

technology and after designed, manufactured and tested in accordance with national and international regulations.

Highest quality - no compromises

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