International Customers and Expertise

    "Made in Germany"


We are specialists in the development and manufacturing of industrial valves and employ staff who are highly qualified in, passionate about and dedicated to this profession and boast experience and finesse when it comes to producing high-quality products and working to deadlines. We offer our customers extremely flexible high-precision manufacturing using state-of-the-art technology and processes and excellent ‘craftsmen’ for both general and project-related product developments.


Our engineers develop and model valves and flange and sealing systems in accordance with the latest standards and regulations, for example the Pressure Equipment Directive, the German AD 2000 regulation and the German Technical Instructions on Air Quality Control ("TA Luft").

We use state-of-the-art CAD systems for the design and 3D modelling of components and assembly groups. The final data provided by these systems form a basis for component and assembly group analysis and simulations and are ultimately also used for the CNC programming process.



The production stage involves transforming data into valves and is always the highlight of every project that we complete. At our company, the management of testing and measurement activities is an essential focus of our overall manufacturing process. As a result, “Ultimate Precision” is not only our brand claim, but also a key principle of our work.



The final stage of our order processing involves the punctual delivery of our valves to their final destination in perfect condition. Packaging forms an essential part of the delivery process, with the transportation of goods over many thousands of kilometres and using several different handlers and methods setting high demands where stability and reliable protection are concerned. VALCO uses specialist packaging and logistics partners to ensure that all of these demands are met.